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Designed as a smaller, more durable alternative to the Cyclone while still retaining the same stellar performance. The Rotor is approximately 20% smaller than the Cyclone you have seen in the past. Durability tests show it to be far and beyond more durable than the Cyclone and even rivaling the Duraspec lineup. Believe me when I say, it was a blast trying to destroy these antennas. The Rotor antenna boasts the exact same specs as the Cyclone in a smaller and lighter package. So that crazy high axial ratio translates from the Cyclone to its little brother the Rotor. And like all VAS antennas the Rotor goes through rigorous testing and quality control measures before ever seeing the darkness of packaging, so you can be sure the antenna will perform as expected straight out of the box. And like all VAS products the Rotor is backed by US support and an unrivaled Warranty program.


Gain: 0.6dbic
Axial Ratio: .99

Polarization: RHCP