Bluebeam Omni Set
Bluebeam Omni Set

Bluebeam Omni Set

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The antenna set that started the revolution and spawned copy after copy. The Bluebeam Line of Antennas were the first Circularly Polarized antennas made available to FPV pilots way back in 2011.

The Bluebeam Omni set is likely our most versatile antenna set. Because the BlueBeam omni is built directly onto the SMA with no cable, you have the flexibility to  mount the antenna on your aircraft in a much lower profile situation. Simply attach the antenna directly to the video transmitter or run an extension with a right angle SMA Female connector on one end along the wing of your aircraft and mount the BlueBeam Omni right on top of the wing.

Polarization: Right Hand Circular (RHCP)