5.8GHz Cloverleaf Omni
5.8GHz Cloverleaf Omni

5.8GHz Cloverleaf Omni

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FPV's most popular antenna. The Cloverleaf antenna by iBCrazy took the FPV world by storm in 2011. Spawning copy after copy, the iBCrazy/Video Aerial Systems was part of the first circularly polarized antenna set available to FPV pilots all around the world. Setting the standard for FPV antenna systems, the Cloverleaf is easily the most recognized antenna on the market today. The Cloverleaf Omni is built directly on the SMA connector with no cable, making it a highly versatile antenna.

Gain: 1.4dbic
Axial Ratio: .61

Polarization: Right Hand Circular (RHCP)