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Following the spirit of the Specter, Banshee, and Wraith, the VAS Ghost is the cure for the common plane.  Designed to be built with one, two or even 3 motors, the Ghost is a high performance airplane which weighs less than 250 grams.  The 22” wingspan airplane was designed to take common 11-18mm quadcopter motors and ESCs which give it an incredible 3:1 thrust to weight ratio without weighing down the airplane.


Wingspan: 22" (560mm)

Center of gravity: ½” behind wing leading edge at the root (halfway between the spar and the tip)

Lightweight set up (190 grams):

Battery: 2S 500-1000mAh

Motor: 13-18mm 4500-6000 kV

Propeller: 4” twin blade

ESC: 10 amp ESC

Ultimate power set up (250 grams)

Battery: 3S 600-900mAh

Motor: 3X 1104 or 1106 size 4500-6100kV

Propeller: 3” twin blade

ESC: 4in1 multirotor ESC