1.6GHz Victory Antenna
1.6GHz Victory Antenna
1.6GHz Victory Antenna

1.6GHz Victory Antenna

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In a World of round antennas we decided to go back to the drawing board and break the mold once again to show that high performance can come in a square package.  We took the high performance technology of the Minon and Ion antennas and combined it with phased driven elements allowing us to reduce the size into a nice small square shape.  Like every VAS product, the Victory is designed and assembled here in Virginia, USA.

The Victory works as both a transmit and receive antenna, and while the antenna is square, the pattern is in fact circular with exceptionally high axial ratio.  The high impact shell protects the antenna from crashes and impacts while remaining RF transparent for maximum range and efficiency. 

For uncompromised performance and small size, grab a Victory antenna and enjoy your flight.

Patent Pending

Gain: 1.9dbic

Axial ratio: 0.96

Bandwidth: 1560-1690MHz

Weight:  18grams