5.8GHz Minion Pro (u.fl)
5.8GHz Minion Pro (u.fl)

5.8GHz Minion Pro (u.fl)

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The highest performance micro CP antenna just got better.  Designed for the professional pilot, the new element system offers 2.5dbic of gain and a 0.95 axial ratio making it perfect for long range, racing, and freestyle in even the toughest of environments.  The sleek new cover is made from a high-strength RF transparent plastic which gives the Minion Pro maximum performance and durability. 

 US Pat. No: 10,608346

 US Pat. No: 10,916837


Gain: 2.5dbic

Bandwidth: 5500MHz-6000MHz

Axial Ratio: 0.95

Weight: 2.3 grams