Universal Vee Antenna
Universal Vee Antenna

Universal Vee Antenna

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As a long standing product at VAS, the Vee antenna has performed for many enthusiasts looking for long range and compact size for years. However previously, if the operator decided to change to another frequency (ie. moving from 1.3Ghz to 2.4Ghz) they would have to purchase a new antenna. Not only were the operators incurring extra costs, they were wasting time and risking damaging their aircraft by having to install a new antenna.

Enter the "Universal" Vee antenna designed by IBCrazy. Designed to be an single part number capable of meeting the individual's needs across the spectrum of frequencies used by FPV Hobbyists and Enthusiasts for their video feed, the "Universal" Vee is a simple yet effective design. Simply choose your video frequency band (ie. 2.4GHz) and cut the antenna at the notch marked for the frequency you are using, turn on your video feed and fly. Decided to swap out your VTX for a different frequency band? Cut at the notch marked for the new band if moving to a higher frequency (ie. from 1.3GHz to 2.4GHz), or if moving to a lower frequency (ie. from 2.4GHz to 900MHz) you can solder the portion of the antenna you removed previously back in place.

The "Universal" Vee antenna has marks for every video frequency used by today's FPV operator for easy identification of where exactly on the board to trim the antenna for proper frequency tuning. At full length the antenna is tuned for the 900MHz band.


Gain: 1.9dbi

Frequency Range: 850MHz-6GHz (depending on where the antenna is trimmed)

Polarization: Linear (Vertical)