A.C.E.™ Combat System (PWM)
A.C.E.™ Combat System (PWM)
A.C.E.™ Combat System (PWM)

A.C.E.™ Combat System (PWM)

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 It's finally here! The new ACE™ (Advanced Combat Electronics) Combat System for FPV aircraft. For how long have you asked yourself, “When can we dog fight our friends with our FPV systems and a laser?”.  The answer is now! From the mind of IBCrazy and Video Aerial Systems comes the first IR Laser based Combat system for your FPV Aircraft. The ACE™ Combat System is based around a forward facing IR laser “gun” and our own custom code written by IBCrazy himself.

The ACE™ Combat system has multiple options for FPV dog fighting action.

 Race mode, meant for that weekend at the races. In Race mode the ACE™ Combat System sends interrupt signals causing the motor to stutter (reducing your opponent's speed) and the LED strips to flash so you know when you score a "hit". Battle mode for the Fighter Jockey in us all. In Battle mode the ACE™ Combat System is able to produce various levels of adjustable “Damage” to the aircraft's components (motor stutter, trim manipulation, disabled weapon system) simulating the WWII aerial combat scenarios we all dream of. 

Patent No.: US 10,821,371 B2

The ACE™ Combat System is now shipping!

System Contents:

  • 1- 30x30mm ACE™ Combat receiver interface w/extensions (PWM Input)
  • 1- IR Laser Gun board
  • 1- IR Receiver Array board
  • 2- 5 LED 5VDC light strips (Random, Package will include either Red, Blue, Green or White)